Friday, January 7, 2011

New Java e-Commerce Framework for Developers

Today when you find any website application and software then you known all base is java. Many company offers java solutions for web development, software development and mobile application development using latest java technologies and frameworks. Here I listed the downsides  this types of company which provides java solutions through java eCommerce frameworks or platforms.

Java e-Commerce Frameworks  for Java Development
Java e-Commerce Frameworks  for Java Development

Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz (Abbrviated as “Open For Business”) is an open source enterprise automation software project licensed under the Apache License. Apache OFBiz build on Java and offers follwing functionality:
  • catalog management
  • promotion & pricing management
  • order management (sales & purchase)
  • customer management (part of general party management)
  • warehouse management
  • fulfillment (auto stock moves, batched pick, pack & ship)
  • Content management (for product content, web sites, general content, blogging, forums, etc)
  • Point Of Sales (POS) module using a rich client interface
OFBiz is offering more than ecommerce framework. It has powerful ERP, CRM modules and one of the fine product for implementing B2B commerce.

BroadLeaf Commerce

An enterprise-ready open source e-Commerce solution that is easily configurable, extendable and customizable by any developer. The Java/Spring platform – arguably the most widely used language for web development. BroadLeaf e-Commerce platform easily integrates with existing database and back end fulfillment system. It is flexible, and comes without the expensive fees associated with other e-Commerce platforms. Click here to view the High level Architecture and Technology stack.


Includes Professional Services and Support Packages available. Free Community edition for small businesses. KonaKart has a rich feature set to provide your customers with all of the information and functionality that they require in order to shop at on line store.


JadaSite is an open source content management solutions for e-commerce system. JadaSite is 100% Java based and is built on top of a number of open sourced libraries. It is tested on various versions of Tomcat and MySql database. The tools available to deploy JadaSite on other platforms and containers as well. JadaSite is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) V3. Jadasite has following features.
  • Best in class e-commerce system.
  • Enterprise features
  • AJAX-based components and WYSIWYG editors improve user experience
  • Open source software
  • No programming required
  • Leverage enterprise Java development

Free edition available. Java source code not available for free edition. SoftSlate Commerce is designed to be extended and customized. SoftSlate Commerce has been tested with Apache Tomcat 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0, and is known to run within other conformant J2EE Web containers such as Resin and JRun. For databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Sequel Server, and Oracle are all supported out-of-the-box.

  • Avetti Commerce 7 is a robust ecommerce tool based on
    Spring/Hibernate/Lucene that handles catalogs with hundreds of
    thousands of items and unlimited categories in size and can support
    stores with millions of customers.
  • Key features are support for multiple stores per server. This permits
    you to create multiple websites on different domains each with
    independent control panels and administrators.
  • Also Scheduled content permits an administrator to create content for
    any day or time period in the future.Skins lets you create different
    themes for printer friendly, or multi language sites.
  • SEO is built in along with web services.
  • Commerce7 has enterprise level staging and production servers
    providing your catalog admins a staging area to change and have content
    approved.Also code can be deployed to a staging server before it is
    made available to the rest of the live clustered servers.
  • Clusters are fully supported to scale as needed.
Elastic Path

This is not a product but a platform and solutions stack. Elastic Path Software is a leading enterprise ecommerce solutions provider for the software, media, telco, online services, and digital reseller markets. Elastic Path provides full access to source code for their Java ecommerce platform. The platform also includes many out-of-the-box features, APIs, integration tools, build scripts, test suite for java application development environment. These tools also support an agile development approach.

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