Thursday, December 29, 2011

Need For Repository Managers By OJD Teams

Java application development is finding the need for repository managers, which acts as a proxy between the user and the Internet. Repository managers are on the rise these days. They help to make the entire process of software development a lot easier and therefore facilitate the effective workings of the outsource Java development team. By using the repository manager Java application team can work faster because it basically aids in smooth working of the complete process.

Employ Efficient Java Development and Shed Extra Workload

Right now in the market there are three repository managers. They are the Archiva – this repository manager is a light weight one which is in the Apache fold, Artifactory – this is a very innovative and powerful product from the Jfrog and the Nexus – this also a powerful one and is also flexible. This nexus repository manager is documented very well. This is by the company Saontype. The nexus is only behind the maven repository manager.

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The main work of the repository manager is to cache between the internet and you. Because of this the entire process of software development is optimized. That is in case you are the outsourced Java developer it sits between your workstation and the repositories in the Internet. In case you need a particular dependency it does not go to the internet directly, it will first go to the repository manager to check if you have the dependency.

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In case you already have this dependency that is if you have already downloaded it before then it will get it from there. In case you do not have it then it will go to the internet repository and look for the dependency that you are searching for and will download it automatically. This way you it will allow Java application development team to save a lot of time as one is not required to download the dependency each and every time it is needed. If you have downloaded it once it will always be there in the repository manager.  The bandwidth is also consumed better because of this repository manager. One can also have an idea as to which dependency is used for what all projects.

How to Exploit the Java Resources to the Fullest?

All the repository managers which are available in the market right now are open source and are free. However there is a professional version with some extra features. The extra features are given keeping in mind some of the need of some enterprises that they may have from Java application development.

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