Thursday, January 12, 2012

Benefits From Enhanced Java Standards For Java Solutions

Java is number one among the developing language. The importance of outsourced Java development is increased so much that there are companies worldwide outsourcing their Java development requirements. It is a known fact that more than 97% of the systems run on it and depend completely on J2EE development.

Outsource Java development teams have been developing innovative Java applications that are even used for mobile homes. Initially it was the Sun Micro systems that owned Java. At that point all felt that the vendor dominated too much. Later Oracle took over Sun Micro Systems. Oracle is a well known hardware and software system company. Once Oracle became the vendor of Java there were lot of changes and the number of users of java increased to a great extent.

As a part of this amendments came in the java Specification Request which is called the JCP Next. This was mentioned in the website. It is in the form of a document which mentions in detail the various steps the chairman of the JCO committee has planned to take in relation to the
  • Transparency
  • Governance
  • Quickness
  • Contribution

The main issue which was there was all felt there was no transparency and hence the chairman stressed on transparency and also mentioned that these days there are a lot of business which are very transparent about their operations and are very successful also. He feels that transparency will make the system better.

The executive committee and the expert committee are expected to do their work effectively and efficiently else they can be replaced. He has also mentioned the process of recruitment of the executives and experts is going to be transparent. There are three committees, which are the executive committees, which are working individually right now. The chairman feels it's high time these committees work together as a team to help devise innovative J2EE development solutions to help outsource Java development team in developing powerful Java solutions. He is also planning to run through the license agreements of the Java users.

There have been a lot of organizational and structural changes after 2009 in the JCP committee but then there are going to be more amendments after they have got the approval for the Java SE 7 and the Java SE 8.

With all these organizational changes the standards of java is going to improve and outsource Java development team using java is only going to increase.