Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happily Release of JBoss As 6 Rings After A Year's Wait

JBPM, a classic and a very beneficial workflow engine has been helping businesses a lot to handle the real life complex situations. Companies follow a huge percentage of various business processes and their realization leads to business process management. Well you can manage most of your business process by software but still some will lead you to take some human effort. Jboss has introduced a fantastic product for implementing efficient working processes using J2ee platform.

You may start thinking what's so new in this product as there are many BPM suites continued in the market from years. But no this is nowhere similar to those traditional BPM suites while possess dual focus of providing process management features that you and developers both would just fall in love with. You can outsource wide range of its services like JBPM development, JBPM integration, JBPM web application development, JBPM 5 development etc. JBPM developers who are proficient in this domain can provide you with such services and benefit you a lot. Well you have very few choices to choose from if you want JBPM development and Jboss application development services.

Jboss has revolutionized the picture of BPM suites with its world-class products and benefits business users by giving great support to handle entire complex business logic with its various services like Jboss portal development and Jboss customization. Additionally if JBPM is integrated with Drools then it results into an unified or say collaborative environment that is integrated and thus business logic can be modeled including processes, events and rules.

Java is the most proven language and this workflow engine is written using it thus now there is no gap between business analysts and JBPM developers. Good news is Jboss's new product release and that is JBoss AS 6. JCP approved Java EE6 that was under development from more than a year and now JBoss application server 6.0 is ready ringing happily for JBPM and JBoss developers. This new release has great support for all great technologies that Java EE 6 has brought like Bean validation, Servlets 3.0, JPA 2, JSF 2.0 and much more.

New features/things that JBoss AS 6 brings are:
  • JBossOSGi and HornetQ integration
  • VFS 3 integration
  • Embedded JBoss AS
  • Shrink Wrap
  • EE6 Multi-namespace injection
  • Servlet 3.0
  • JPA 2.0
  • Single POM Dependency for all the AS runtime
  • New Apache CXF-based JBossWS stack
  • EJB 3.1 - Singleton
  • RESTEasy 2.0
  • XA Recovery
  • SwitchBoard integration
  • EE 6 Web Profile certification
  • And still the list goes on

This is a real good stuff for Jboss application development and Jboss customization services. Now by the time you read this blog also Jboss AS 7 would be released again to make us all happy with more modular and fast approach. JBPM developers would find to run JBPM 5 with difficulties but would be managed by some steps.