Monday, February 20, 2012

Support To Open Source Platforms Offers By Oracle Solutions

Oracle is a leasing company that deals in software and hardware systems. Their main aim is to give the customers optimized computing. That is a computing which is
  • Very flexible
  • Of minimal cost
  • With lot of choice
  • Simple and user friendly

They invest a lot on Oracle application development, which has the above features in order to improve the overall standard of the IT environment. Oracle application development makes use of these open source platforms to offer advanced Oracle solutions

Types of open source technology
  • Netbeans
  • Berkeley DB
  • Eclipse
  • Glassfish
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Hudson
  • Inno DB
  • Linux
  • My SQL
  • Open JDK
  • Java platform micro edition
  • Virtual box
  • Xen
  • Free and open source software
  • Open source tooling projects

The above are all either languages or servers or platforms which have their own features and unique advantages that Oracle application development can use to produce excellent Oracle solutions. They contribute a lot for the betterment of the IT environment. There are numerous systems in the world which use a lot of the technology which is mentioned above.

There are billions of users everyday who keep downloading one of these technologies. These technologies are available to the users at a much lower cost. There are also some which are available for free for the customers. It is not only the computer systems which use the technology. Even mobile phones use theses technology.

Lot of games, applications and utilities in the mobile phone are developed using either one or more of the technologies which is mentioned above. These technologies are not meant for any particular sector or a specific clientele. It is meant for all. Anyone right from the developer to the end user can use any of these applications and technologies. To know more about the technologies and applications Oracle also provides Oracle solutions and consulting for the users.

However In case anyone wants to know more in detail there are training programs which are conducted by the Oracle application development to know more about the software as well as the hardware systems and applications. With constant effort from Oracle application development there has been a tremendous improvement in the IT environment.