Tuesday, March 13, 2012

.NET To WCF: Windows Communication Foundation Development Framework

Microsoft .NET development is increasing gaining currency as the ideal platform for development, deployment, and management of applications for the desktop, Web, and Web services. The common language run-time (CLR) and the class library drive .NET development across the world and especially in emerging markets like India. .NET development India is boosted by increasing offshore .NET development projects, .NET coaching institutes, and .NET development positions. At the core of the .NET development India popularity are the multiple .NET development product tool kits  especially Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

.NET development To WCF Development Framework

WCF is a framework for developing distributed, service-oriented applications. It simplifies the task of interfacing two endpoints. An endpoint can be a service requester or service provider. WCF ensures reliable, durable, and secure exchange of messages. This flexibilizes application development and deployment within .NET development in cases like processing business transactions, instant messaging between two persons, providing real-time data to an endpoint, etc.

.NET 4 includes enhancements that further simplify development, communication, and further integration into WCF. WCF now supports configuration-free services, configurable routing services, and simplified REST service development. WCF .NET development allows multiple message patterns like request/reply pattern, one-way messaging pattern, duplex messaging pattern, etc. Some advantages of using WCF are:
  • Capability of messaging via HTTP, TCP, and other network protocols
  • Capability to host services even outside of a Web server
  • Capability to support SOAP and WS
  • Capability of extensible ports to customize functionality
Given the powerful .NET development framework bound with the flexible WCF, it is not surprising at the increasing popularity of .NET development India. After all, WCF can be bound to other Microsoft products like Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft BizTalk Server R2, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft .NET Services, Windows Server AppFabric application server, etc. .NET development that uses the above components of the .NET framework can leverage the seamless, faster, and flexible features of WCF to develop and deploy service-oriented applications. In essence, WCF contributes to the immense popularity of .NET development India framework.

About Author: Sandeep Dharak is working as professional .net application developer at Aegisisc, An offshore software development company works for .net application development projects. Aegisisc provides outsource .net development services to clients in various countries around the world including North America, USA, Canada, UK, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Mexico, China, Singapore, UAE & Dubai.