Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Healthcare Solutions For Medical Billing Software

There are a large number of healthcare software development companies that specialize in developing customized healthcare software such as medical billing software. This type of healthcare solutions streamlines the billing process at any medical facility. Medical billing software is a type of computing or cloud application that enables healthcare organizations to develop, submit and track various claims as well as utilize coding systems throughout the billing cycle. These claims can either be submitted electronically or even printed and mailed to both the public and private health insurance organizations in order to collect all kinds of receivables. The software is designed to assist with the complete streamlining of the complete medical billing system.

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Different types of Medical Billing Software Packages

There are healthcare software companies that offer different types of packages where one will be a basic healthcare software development package while the other may be a more intensive and in-depth providing a host of extensive features. It can be safely said that most healthcare software development companies categorize it into standard and premium packages.

Standard healthcare solutions package:

Ideally the standard package for medical billing software contains some of the most basic features such as web based medical billing or there are companies that even provide practice management software at a certain monthly cost. Some of the other medical billing services include daily submission of claims, payment posting including zero pays, figuring out underpayments and ensuring a methodical follow up action, submitting tertiary and secondary claims, patient billing and statement generation and offering online practice analysis and financial reports.

Premium healthcare solutions package:

The premium healthcare solutions package that most healthcare software development companies provide cover an extensive array of features that are designed to completely streamline the medical billing process. Some of the features include:
  • Patient and Provider Scheduling
  • Multi-provider scheduling views
  • Customized super bills
  • Electronic remittance advice
  • Integration with EMRs
  • Feature of customizing and adding new fields
  • Storing scanned documents and images
  • Offering highest level of data encryption
  • Electronic Insurance and Patient billing
These are just some of the features that healthcare solutions for medical billing software will provide to medical facilities and its various benefits can be largely capitalized to create a more streamlined process.